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Draped Lampshades

I'm assuming there's got to be a more technical term for this type of lampshade but lately it's really caught my eye. I remember first being drawn to this style when digging through images of Josef Hoffmann's work. Look how absolutely stunning they are! And completely ahead of his time, as is most of his work. I mean, why limit yourself to a structured shade? Just drape the fabric like you would a dress. Perfection.

This led me to Josef Frank's version and poof - impression made.

I must have stored this design detail in a corner of my brain which then laid the groundwork for my eye to catch other newer interiors utilizing this type of lampshade in their designs. And now I'm seeing them everywhere, mostly in Europe. Alice Palmer has built a business with her whimsical patterned, loose pleated shades that are all over England. Maybe this trend just hasn't made its way across the pond yet? I'm here for it.

I don't know if this is going to catch on more or not but I'm really loving the fluidity of the lampshade being used as pendants. So much so that I'm considering trying to replicate this with my own fixtures at home. I am by no means a tailor but I'm willing to give it a go. Now, which of my clients can I convince to add this to their home??? The search begins. In the meantime, here are some more images to whet your appetite. You'll catch two of the Josef Frank versions below.

Images: very top: Josef Hoffmann & Wiener Workstaette chandelier (1912); just below: Josef Frank for Firma Svenkst Tenn pendants (1930-40s), middle: both images Alice Parmer Co Lampshades, bottom: Cathy Nordström's Swedish cabin via House & Garden UK (photo by @anne.nyblaeus); textile designer Natasha James North York Moors home via House & Garden UK (photo by @michaelsinclair); Beata Heuman's aunt's home in Sweden; the Lanzarote home of Spanish artist, sculptor & architect César Manrique, c. 1960's via @sauce.ldn; pic via @the.charlie.p, founder of; Charleston Farmhouse, Bloomsbury Group, Sussex; Commune designed home in Berkeley via Architectural Digest


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